Welcome to CPH Good Food - a business based on food knowledge, communication and development. It's all about food - please enjoy! Whether you're a consumer or a company you can explore my work and services on this page..

The best way to learn new skills is by practice! Join one of my private cooking classes and get to know the Nordic cuisine, it's techniques and traditions. In my home kitchen in ├śrestaden Copenhagen I teach private cooking classes with a focus on highlighting some of the unique ingredients and simple techniques of the nordic cuisine. There are no requirements, just sign up and we'll do a class according to your skills and knowledge..

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I use my background in food sciences to promote knowledge and skills about gastronomy and cooking. My belief is that we can all be better cooks and improve food and ingredients through knowledge. With this attitude I try to apply my knowledge to everything from the development of new products, teaching cooking classes or inventing new recipes. I have a passion for "real food", and even though I was educated in a world of white labs I support local farmers and organic produce in my work. .