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CPH Good Food is run by the two young, enthusiastic food entrepreneurs Mia Irene Kristensen & Jacob Damgaard. Our aim and vision is to contribute to the development of a food culture based on understanding, knowledge and passion. The recipe is very simple: Fresh ingredients with power and taste, love and creativity, topped with a dash of knowledge about the newest research within food science.

CPH Good Food offers development of products and recipes, social events with food and passion in focus, cooking classes, food walks, science based research and writings.

CPH Good Food is always one step ahead. Our knowledge of and curiosity for natural science is the backbone of our company. Let us explain the underlying magical mechanisms and remarkable reactions that lead to taste and satisfying food.

For more information please contact CPH Good Food:

Mail: info@cphgoodfood.dk

Phone: +45 60 73 38 07

CPH Good Food

Linnésgade 33, kld. th.

1361 Copenhagen K



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