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People all over the world is falling in love with the flavors and techniques of the Nordic cuisine. GÆST is just one of the many small places serving Nordic food. GÆST is owned by the two danes Kim Henriksen and Stinne Hofmann. They opened in november 2013 after about 6 months work with menu development and practical challenges. Having almost no experience in food business they contacted me early in the process to get a helping hand with everything from the nordic touch on the menu to production planning. I helped them develop the starting menu concept of Nordic sandwiches and drinks made with locally available ingredients.


Examples from the menu:

- Potato sandwich with smoked mayonnaise, lemon-pickled leeks, watercress and roasted hazelnuts.

- Roasted Chicken sandwich, crispy celery, herb spread, green apple and pea sprouts. 

- Crackling pork belly, marinated red cabbage & parsley, mustard-mayo + crispy red apple.

- Homemade thyme & lemon soda



Salmon GÆST

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