“Madlysten” – student cookbook with a bit of science!

IDA / 2009 / 150 DKK

I published my first cookbook in 2009 together with 6 other students from Food Science at University of Copenhagen.

A cookbook for the young home cook with a curiosity about the science of the food we eat. The recipes are presented in chapters based on main ingredients (pork, beef, potatoes, bread, potatoes etc.) and a few bonus chapters in honor if the young crowd (hungover treatments etc.). All recipes are easy to understand and all written with the full details on how to succeed, as well as small scientific facts (Why is chili hot?, The microbiology of your steak, How to make mozarella? etc.).

Recipe examples:
Chili con carne
Frikadeller – Danish meatballs
Chicken in tomato and peanut butter
White fish in herby cream sauce
Burning love – a danish classic of mashed potatoes topped with bacon and caramelized onions
Egg fried rice – using veggie leftovers
Homemade mayo
Banana cake with chocolate topping
“Bad boy” Burger

The book is published by the Danish Society of Engineers in March 2009 and was handed out to all engineering students around the country (total nr. of copies: ~ 10.000).

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