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Chocolate is one of the most amazing and diverse ingredients to work with and the market is constantly developing. In a market like that it’s important to be unique and original to succeed. Caboclo chocolate is a chocolate start-up founded by Margot Carone. Her focus is how her favorite flavors can tell her personal story. She uses high quality single origin chocolates and blends with her own flavors. A milk chocolate with Chai-spices made from a local indian lady called Sheila, is Caboclo’s daughters favorite. A dark chocolate with juniper berries reflects Margot’s love for the traditional british and slightly nordic ingredients. I’ve helped Margot during the development with adjusting flavors and insuring that her chocolate appeals to all senses – both on the outside of the packaging and in the product.

Caboclo Chocolate is set to be launched summer 2014 in Britain.

“Mia is a creative talent. She not only loves good, natural and seasonal foods but she also understands them from inside out. As a food scientist and an amazing chef/cook she produces one of the most delicious Nordic meals I’ve tasted. A year after meeting Mia I called her to help me with a consultancy for the development of some of my chocolate bars and with her depth of knowledge I have achieved great results. Mia is lovely, an asset to any business and she is a pleasure to work with.”
Margot Carone, Owner of Caboclo Chocolate.

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