Student food – University of Copenhagen

September/October 2014 / 2-hour talks /

Everybody would like to have tasty, healthy food everyday, but what tools do you need? Which ingredients are cheap, and when?  What about kitchen hygiene? basically how to survive with no money, little time and no knowledge!

Life as a student is busy and full of new challenges, so is the new life away from home. Cooking might not be the main interest as a newbee at university, but it will definitely be one of the biggest challenges.

University of Copenhagen wanted to prepare and help their new students, so I gave a series of talks to give answers, tips and tricks to get through student life getting great meals everyday. The students got to learn about basic food safety, good and cheap kitchen tools, how to use leftovers and good ways to save money, and still buy organic. Small exercises and tastings got the students to understand how to adjust flavor in a dish, the seasonality of fruit and vegetables, and how to be creative when cooking.

The talks were hosted by University of Copenhagen.
Duration: 2 hours.




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