Åbning - Lækkerier-2

Magasinet Lækkerier – Writing & photography

  • Online Magazine /
  • Writing, recipes & photography /
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  New Danish online magazine about desserts, cakes and baking! In 2015 I’ve joint the team behind the new online magazine Lækkerier. A magazine focusing on sweets, desserts and baking. I’m developing recipes, shooting food photography and writing their “geek” and bread section in every issue. Examples on subjects in the articles: Flour and the […]

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Student food – University of Copenhagen

  • September/October 2014 /
  • 2-hour talks /

Everybody would like to have tasty, healthy food everyday, but what tools do you need? Which ingredients are cheap, and when?  What about kitchen hygiene? basically how to survive with no money, little time and no knowledge! Life as a student is busy and full of new challenges, so is the new life away from […]

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Product development – Caboclo Chocolate

  • Handmade chocolate /
  • Product Development /
  • London

  Chocolate is one of the most amazing and diverse ingredients to work with and the market is constantly developing. In a market like that it’s important to be unique and original to succeed. Caboclo chocolate is a chocolate start-up founded by Margot Carone. Her focus is how her favorite flavors can tell her personal […]

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menu GÆST

Consulting case – GÆST in Singapore

  • Nordic sandwiches /
  • Brunch & Drinks /
  • Singapore

  GÆST People all over the world is falling in love with the flavors and techniques of the Nordic cuisine. GÆST is just one of the many small places serving Nordic food. GÆST is owned by the two danes Kim Henriksen and Stinne Hofmann. They opened in november 2013 after about 6 months work with […]

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Mad fra Samvirke1

“Mad fra Samvirke 1-8” – inspiration for everyday cooking

  • Mia I. Kristensen & Inger Abildgaard /
  • November 2013 /
  • 50 DKK

  Since 2013  I have published 4 cookbooks together with the Danish publisher and consumer magazine Samvirke. Each cookbook focuses on one ingredient only (1:Cabbage, 2:Root vegetables, 3: Ground meat, 4:Poultry, 5: Cakes, 6:Bread and grains, 7: Berries and 8:Potatoes) providing the home cook with the most important tips, tricks, info and recipes for the […]

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